Brand Identity Consulting Audit

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Every business needs to stand out, but sometimes is hard to take distance and spot what's your differential when your brand is so close to your heart.

This is a listing for a one on one brand audit service via phone call or Google Hangout to help you identify your brand pitfalls and opportunities and take action to grow your business and carve out your space in an honest and true-to-self way. It includes 1 session of 45 minutes. The Live Civil Team will help you identify what your current brand is lacking, what makes it different and what actions can take your brand and business further. This is a custom service, so you can prepare your most important questions/topics for us to deal with.

The goal of this session is to find that special thing only you and your business have and use it in a strategic way. It could be about your materials, your location, your story... Every business is unique and your brand should reflect what is special about it. This can be the first step for someone just starting a business or an opportunity to reevaluate your project.


Once your order is made you will be emailed a comprehensive brand questionnaire and a little homework. We'll agree on a date and time for our first call. If you have a list of questions or topics to discuss please send them to the team with at least 5 days in advance.

In the consulting session we will discuss the questions and answers in the questionnaire to figure out what your brand is made of and where to take it. At the end they will send you a report with all that have been discussed and defined for you to keep as a guide and reminder.

The time frame will depend on the responsiveness and availability of each client. The whole process usually takes from 1 to 2 weeks.